Nayf and Wavey is a womxnswear streetwear brand, inspired by subcultures, progressive movements and inspired by a breeze of skateboarding. It is a personal story of my feelings, influences, stimulations and ideas that are curated into beautiful pieces.

Fashion is a powerful tool to break gender norms, provoke and educate society. Throughout history,  sexual orientation has been voiced through clothing, style and behaviour and is still remaining. Society uses clothing to visually express their ideas about gender identities, body and personalities.

We can create a free open ‘classroom’ within the creative fashion industry to educate and expose society to non-traditional gender presentations for other gender fluid youths to feel comfortable exploring their own identities, considering gender self-determination is the future of society. 

Skateboarding has always been a hot pot for diverse culture that simply inspires people nationally as well as globally. Given that skateboarding connects and people enjoy playing with it, why not using this powerful wooden toy as an engine for global social change? Skateboarding in New York City is an experience you will never get in any other city in the world and I am grateful for what it has taught me - resilience, fostering community, learning to build confidence and breaking gender norms. I have skated in many other cities and seen that skateboarding is still a binary culture that divides male and female. I, with my brand, want to display that skateboarding is an inclusive culture regardless of gender, believe and color. We are still far away from equality and equity, as womxn and LGBTQ+ remain politically, economically and socially marginalized and victimized globally. It is important to Nayf and Wavey to ensure that our friends and their peers - no matter what sexual orientation nor color - have the same equity and equality as they do as white cis men in this world. 

So, I thought about how can the brand make an impact, as a company and a human being to ensure my friends and peers are heard?

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