Hello Everybody,

Welcome to my blog. I had this idea of writing a blog a long time ago, but as everyone knows the beginning is HARD. I waited for the right content, thought about a concept, thought I should wait for the right moment, but we all know there is no such thing as a 'right moment'. I mean, all the sudden folding laundry and wiping down surfaces seem more appealing than sitting down and finding the right words to start THE blog. Been there, done that.

Just do it - best slogan ever, I mean look at NIKE, they tell you to 'JUST DO IT' EVERY SINGLE DAY (and you still don't do it?).

- Once you have started, everything seems easier tho, right? -

Well, this is not like a fashion, lifestyle SLASH travel blog, no, this is a blog about representing my friends and everybody that has been unheard.

It's about representing womxn and lgbtq+ in fashion and skateboarding. It's a platform that celebrates intersectional feminism through diversity, inclusivity and gender self-determination in skateboarding an fashion.

I have never had a blog, nor have I ever really learnt how to write pieces, but I always wanted to write and put down my thoughts, ideas, interviews and critical views. Hence, the BLOG. This blog will be an experiment over the next few years. You will read a sh*@!t ton of articles and interviews from my friends, their friends and their their friends about their thoughts, ideas, suggestions and how to create a positive impact in society.

Cheers. :)

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